7 March 2016

Trailer: Darkness Machine

Trailer for Darkness Machine by Henriette Heise. Showing @ Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen. The Spring Exhibition: 12th of March –24th of April 2016

24 May 2015

Spring Exhibition 2015

Kleenex Technology. 2015. Mural, Blackboard Finish.
Exhibition open until May 31st, 2015. At Den Fri in Copenhagen.

27 April 2015

Trailer: Kleenex Technology

This little video or trailer is made in relation to a mural by Henriette Heise. You can see the mural with the title Kleenex technology at the group show Spring Exhibition 2015 at Den Frie in Copenhagen. Open from 25th of April to 31st of May 2015. Read more here about the show. 

16 February 2015

iPhone 5 architecture is a series of drawings by Henriette Heise and they are part of a group show at Lokale in Copenhagen. Read more here

10 September 2014

Out of focus cut outs

Overgaden - Institute of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen has asked a large group of artists to reveal what inspires them in their art practice. I am showing my collection of 'out of focus cut outs' - a collection I started in 2001. The show 'Coming From' is on from August 8 - September 14, 2014. Read more here.

Abandon the Parents

Tv-video. 40 min. Heise 1997
This video is part of the show 'Abandon the Parents', Works, Lists, Names, Text, Sound, from Private Collections, from Public Collections, Originals, Copies, Forgeries. Curated by Henrik Olesen, Daniel Buchholz and Christopher Müller. At X-rummet, National Gallery of Denmark, May 23 - September 28, 2014. Read more here.

22 August 2014

Someone has got to do it

Someone has got to do it. Video 10 min. Heise 1994
This (old) video 'Someone has got to do it' is part of the group show; 'Concept after Concept: Before Normal' at Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde May 8 - September 28, 2014. Read more here.

The video is also part of a one-evening programme at Arsenal Cinema, Berlin, September 18, 2014. Read more here.

10 August 2014


A series of drawings under the title 'Interiority' (Henriette Heise 2013). Part of the group show 'The Small Infinite' at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, August 5 - September 20, 2014. Read more about the show here. 

The title of the drawings - Interiority - is inspired by this quote: "Even the poets celebrated notion of Circumference, generally understood by critics as "a symbol for all that is outside," operates as a sign less of an increasingly elusive exteriority than an infinitely expanding interiority." (From the book;  'The sense of an interior: Emily Dickinson' by Diana Fuss)

11 June 2014

The Transition Zone

The Transition Zone: Mutual Aid and Gradient Blends (Henriette Heise 2014). Four mono prints made in cooperation with fine art printer Mette Marott for the group show 'JORN LAB' at Silkeborg Bad, April 26 - September 7, 2014. Read more about the show here.

The Transition Zone - a text about Asger Jorn and the idea of mutual aid - is available in English here and Danish here.

10 May 2014

A tale of structures for two voices

Eight C-prints with the title 'A tale of structures for two voices' is part of the group show '100 x Spring' at Den Frie, Copenhagen from May 3 - June 8, 2014. Read more here.

4 February 2014

Guard and Shadow

Two new Guards. One of them is accessible 24/7 in the part of Copenhagen called Nørrebro. You can see it from the street through the gate at Læssøesgade 3. Read more here.

11 December 2013

16 Monoprints

16 new monoprints made at fine art printer Mette Marrot's workshop. Some of these prints are in the Group show 'Den Frie Exhibition' at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary art - 30 November 2013 - 5 January 2014. Read more here.

31 October 2013

20 September 2013

Reflections from Damaged Life. An exhibition on psychedelia at Raven Row, London

26 September to 15 December 2013. Group show curated by Lars Bang Larsen. Read more here

28 May 2013

We Object

Opening 4. June 5 - 8 pm at Bureau Publik, Vesterbrogade 111 Copenhagen We Object is an exhibition on objects and relations developed in the framework of the spring programme I would prefer not to and as a response to the activities that have taken place. 

Emma Hedditch and Henriette Heise investigate the routes of exchange and knowledge that objects inhabit by exploring their own relations to a group of objects and their materiality.
The exhibition proposes that we think of objects as more than just things in the world and consider that “objects are experiences, that they are experiments with materials, desires, time, confusion, desperation” and bear witness to specific histories, sensibilities and relations to the world around them. Read more here ...

Review by Jacob Lillemose (in Danish)

And here is the trailer for the show:

15 May 2013

Monoprinting ...

Working with printer Mette Marott

3 April 2013

Two texts online now ...

One of them is a conversation between Jacob Fabricius and Henriette Heise about lens flares. The other text was written by Henriette as part of a performance: Darkness Machines and lens flaresOn the machinery that complicates our ideas about knowledge. 

13 September 2012

title unknown

Henriette Heise 2012
Published here: Evighedsblog

28 June 2012

3 Darkness machines

3 Darkness machines added to the Research programme: Dexter Bang Sinister. On show at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Copenhagen until 21 October 2012.

29 May 2012

1. June - 1. September 2012: Summer-Sculpture-Søby:

'Guard' Henriette Heise 2012, glazed white tiles

42 sculptures all over Søby, Ærø. Read more here

9 March 2012

Symposium: Knowledge production right now: 15 March 13-17 pm

A symposium about how we produce, collect and circulate knowledge created through artistic practice at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art Copenhagen Read more here. Henriette Heise's presentation is called: Darkness machines and lens flares - on the machinery that complicate our ideas about knowledge.

31 January 2012

120 bottled messages thrown into the sea.

18 December 2011

Lino cut edition: Lens flare

Lens flare, Henriette Heise 2011 (20 x 20 cm)

Edition made for the Danish Etching Association. Read more here: Den Danske Radeerforening

22 November 2011

Darkness machines - dormant

27.11.2011 — 07.01.2012 Viewable 24 hours
Vernissage November 26, 19 h
die raum - Oderberger Straße 56 - Berlin

A Darkness Machine does what it promises — it produces darkness. If you leave it on a green lawn to do it's job it will kill every living plant beneath it and leave a cloud shaped patch of naked soil imprinted on the ground like a sun print. Life stopped and naked skin. The darkness produced by a Darkness Ma­chine is the kind of darkness that attracts us and scares us at the same time — somewhere between radical openness and no change whatsoever (sex and death). They take us to a place on the borderline between submission and per­dition, where the system of the visible and understandable no longer rules.

For the exhibition at die raum the Darkness Machines are dormant and nicely folded. Two guards — one on the street outside and the other one inside the space of die raum — are watching over the Darkness Machines and making sure that they stay dormant.

To even get started to write this text I had to trick myself: How could I write about something which in it's core is unrepresentable? The trick was to think of the text as a woodcut or a lino cut — a graphic image in only black and white. Just like text is often black letters on white paper. Try to imagine the kind of in­for­mation you get from a woodcut and then read this text through that. It is not be­tween the black and the white that sense is made. It happens somewhere else — I am not sure where.

Henriette Heise, November 2011

e-catalogue for the exhibition:

21 October 2011

Mørkemaskine - hvilende (Darkness machine - dormant)

Poster: photo copy + wall paper paste.
Darkness Machine in window: weed killing fabric
In Vestergade (Aarhus) you can see this dormant darkness machine in the window space of Galleri Image between 7 Oktober - 13 November 2011Galleri

19 August 2011

Press pause

Darkness Machine, weed killing fabric, photo AB
Saturday August 20, Henriette Heise will press pause on the four Darkness Machines that is Henriettes contribution to the big scale project called Lovealley - initiated and run by the visual artist Marianne Jørgensen. The Darkness Machines have been working for two years now - lying on the ground on Mariannes field. Lovealley will close down (with a huge party) August 20 and the Darkness Machines will enter a new state: Darkness Marchines - dormant.